Free tool for creating keyboard shortcuts involving almost any key
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Clavier+ allows you to create keyboard shortcuts using almost any key.
The created shortcuts can be associated to launch programs or to write text. You can, for example, create a keyboard shortcut to write your email address, or your complete name, or your Social Security number.

This program works under Word, Excel, and every Internet browser.

Clavier+ can be installed in English, French, German or Portuguese.

After installation, the program will rest as an icon in the system tray, and will deploy a screen with some shortcuts already defined, like Win+P for going to the Program Files directory, or Win+C to go to the C root directory. You can use, edit or delete this keyboard shortcuts as you wish.

The program warns you that every shortcut will be disabled when its screen is visible.

You can define a new shortcut clicking on the "+" button. Then, you will be able if you will define a shortcut to open a web page, paste a special character, open a folder, or write a text. You can use the "X" button to delete a shortcut, and the pencil button to edit one.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a tiny free utility that will ease your life if you perform the same tasks repeatedly.


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